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iOS Network Development Using URLSession and Alamofire

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Network Development with URLSession
Introduction to the URL loading system
Overview of URLSession
Fetch data with a GET query
Manage text and JSON from the server
Manage binary data from the server
Download a file to the file system

2. Alamofire
Introduction to Alamofire
Installation of Alamofire with CocoaPods
Server request and response handling
Response chaining and validation

3. Request Parameters and Authentication
URL parameter encoding for a GET
URL parameter encoding for a POST
JSON parameter encoding for a POST
HTTP basic authentication
Other authentication considerations

4. Data Downloads and Uploads with Progress
Download a file to memory
Download a file to the file structure
Report progress during a download
Upload data to the server with progress
Multipart POST upload

Next steps

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