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iOS Development: Siri Shortcuts

Developing with Siri Shortcuts
What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Understanding Siri Shortcuts
What are Siri Shortcuts?
Creating shortcuts using Shortcuts app
Understanding Shortcuts APIs

2. Implementing Coffee App Shortcuts Using NSUserActivity
Understanding the structure of the app
Creating shortcut using NSUserActivity
Setting up developer options
Restoring the app using shortcuts
Adding voice shortcut
Challenge: Displaying size and total
Solution: Displaying size and total

3. Implementing Coffee App Using Intents
Adding intent definition file
Donating the intent
Setting up intents/intents UI project
Implementing CoffeeOrderDataManager
Using CoffeeOrderDataManager
Placing order using custom intent
Challenge: Coffee roast for the order
Solution: Coffee roast for the order

4. Developing a Custom User Interface for Siri Shortcuts
Implementing invoice user interface
Displaying invoice view
Implementing confirm order interface
Displaying confirmation view
Ordering coffee using voice shortcuts
Challenge: Displaying name in confirm
Solution: Displaying name in confirm

5. Custom Responses
Understanding custom responses
Custom responses in intents definition
Returning custom responses
Enabling Siri shortcut testing
Adding add to Siri button
Adding Siri voice shortcuts from app
Deleting an order
Deleting donations

Next steps