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iOS App Development: Design Patterns for Mobile Architecture

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
How to use the exercise files

1. Moving Pieces of Architecture

Why architecture?
Architecture pieces
Common architectures
MVA (mininimum viable architecture)
Common architectures comparison

2. Demo Application Walkthrough

UI overview
Code overview
Load data

3. Convert to MVP

Create presenter
Create presenter, part 2
Create presenter, part 3
Create presenter, part 4

4. Expand Layers

Expand layers
Expand layers, part 2

5. Dependency Injection

Swinject overview
Swinject storyboard
Presenter conversion
Presenter conversion, part 2
Protocol injection

6. Navigation Coordinators

Coordinator walkthrough
Wire into Swinject and app delegate
Presenter to coordinator communication

7. Data Binding

RxSwift observables
RxCocoa data binding


Next steps