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iOS 13 Development Essential Training: 2 Web Content, Views, and Distribution

Video Introducing this tutorial

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What you should know

1. Mastering Views
Alert controllers
Share content with other apps
Sliders and progress bars
Activity indicators
Image views
Create UI elements with code
Challenge: An on/off switch
Solution: An on/off switch

2. Display Web Content
Safari view controllers
Safari view controller delegate methods
Open the Safari application
Challenge: Web views
Solution: Web views

3. Collection Views
Collection views
Customize collection view cells
Provide simple data
Control cell size
Control cell spacing
Create a custom data type
Respond to collection view selection
Send data to a new view controller
Challenge: Collection views
Solution: Collection views

4. Multi-View Templates
Deconstruct a tabbed application
Deconstruct a master/detail app
Customize a table view cell
Challenge: Multiple views
Solution: Multiple views

5. Publish an App
Launch screens
App icons
Test on a device
Certificates and app IDs
App Store Connect
Publish your app to the App Store

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