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iOS 13 and iPadOS: iPhone and iPad Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Get to know iOS 13 in-depth on your iPhone or iPad
How Home works on current iPhones and iPads
Feature availability

1. The Basics
Use Control Center
Customize Control Center
Work with notifications
Use the App Switcher
Use the iPad Dock
iPad multitasking
Split a single app in iPadOS
Find apps in the App Store

2. Typing Essentials
Predictive text and QuickPath typing
Select and modify text
iPadOS-only keyboard features
Understand keyboard settings

3. File and Storage Management
Sync music from your computer
Sync photos, contacts, and calendars from your computer
Understand your backup options
Files app
Use external storage devices
Storage management options

4. FaceTime and Messaging
Make video calls with FaceTime
Make group FaceTime calls
Text with iMessage
Manage messages
Send and receive money with Apple Pay Cash

5. Work with Email
Set up email accounts
Receive email
Add and markup attachments
Customize email signatures

6. Surf the Web
Quick Safari settings
Manage bookmarks, history, and favorites
Download manager
Complete forms with AutoFill

7. Using the Music App
Browse your library and Apple Music
Play and control music

8. Screenshots and Screen Recording
Take screenshots
Screen recording

9. Using Maps
Find addresses and nearby businesses
Get directions

10. Manage Your Schedule
View and search your calendar
Add events to your calendar
Set reminders

11. Other Built-In Apps
Use Apple Pay

12. Important Settings
Airplane mode
Do Not Disturb

13. Protect Your Device and Yourself
Configure Auto-Lock
Use Find My
Emergency SOS
Dark mode

14. Siri and Your Personal Assistant
Siri settings
Basic Siri commands
Listen and respond to messages
Dictate in apps
Set reminders
Use Hey Siri

15. Troubleshooting
Begin by restarting
Force quit apps
Reset network settings
Erase and restore

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