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lynda Introduction to Social Media Strategy

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using social media to grow your business

1. Prepare for Social Media for Business:
Grow your business with social media
Defining your target audience
Understanding your customer's journey

2. Planning Your Social Media Presence:
Selecting your social media channels
Establishing your tone of voice
Creating a social media policy

3. Participating as a Business in Social Media:
Participating versus marketing
Creating your social media profile
Organic versus paid social media marketing

4. Creating a Content Plan:
It all starts with content
Using the hub and spokes model
Conducting a content audit
Repurposing existing content
Developing your content calendar

5. Creating Effective Social Media Content:
Creating content your customers want
Creating shareable content
Adapting content to your social channels
Tools for content creation

6. Growing Organically in Social Media:
Building a following
Interaction with customers
Using insights to build on success

7. Growing through Social Media Advertising:
Deciding when to advertise
Establishing your advertising goal
Creating effective social media ads
Targeting your social media ads
Optimizing your ads

8. Measuring Social Media Marketing Success:
Understanding social media metrics
The right metrics for the right goal
Evaluating social media marketing ROI

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