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Introduction to Machine Learning with KNIME

Video Introducing this tutorial

Open-source machine learning with KNIME
Who is this course for?

1. How Does KNIME Complement Your Existing Analytics Toolkit?
Why use an Analytics Workbench?
Using CRISP-DM to evaluate tools
Why choose KNIME?

2. Getting Comfortable with KNIME
The KNIME interface
Find case studies on the Examples Server
Add thousands of nodes with Extensions
Search and Help

3. Accessing Data
Accessing data
File reader node

4. Data Understanding
Describe data and verify data quality
Explore data: Scatterplot
Explore data: Boxplot

5. Data Integration and Merging
Merging with the Joiner node
Aggregating with the GroupBy node
Creating new variables with Construct
Select data with Column Filter
Balancing data with Row Sampling node
Clean data with the Missing Value node
Format with Cell Splitter

6. Modeling
KNIME modeling options
Regression example
Decision tree
Decision tree: Scoring new data

7. A World of Possibilities
Other options

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