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Introduction to BIM 360: Next Gen

Video Introducing this tutorial

An introduction to BIM 360

1. BIM 360 Overview
What is BIM?
What is a cloud platform?
BIM 360 modules
BIM 360 classic vs. next gen
Forge and BIM 360 apps
Managing users, roles, and companies

2. BIM 360 Document Management
Uploading files and Desktop Connector, part 1
Uploading files and Desktop Connector, part 2
Managing files, folders, and permissions
Collaboration using mark-ups
Working with issues
Using transmittals to share documents
Using reviews to approve documents

3. BIM 360 Design
Revit Cloud worksharing
Design collaboration

4. BIM 360 Coordinate
Coordination and clash detection

5. BIM 360 Build
The RFI workflow
Tracking project questions with RFIs
The submittal workflow
Working with submittals
Working with checklist templates
Working with checklists

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