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Introducing Photoshop: Design


1. The Image File
Opening images
Getting around an image
Understanding selections and layers

2. Selecting an Image
Using the marquee tools
Free-form and straight-sided selections
Selecting areas of color
Deselecting and History
Refining selected edges

3. Working with Layers
Three ways to make a layer
Blending layers
Cleaning up art with an adjustment layer
Scaling and rotating
Duplicating a series of layers
Recoloring art with an adjustment layer
Moving a layer into a new background

4. Type and Effects
Creating and formatting type
Drop shadow and Fill Opacity
Carving letters with Bevel & Emboss
Creating a type effect from a photographic element

5. Paint and Pen
Working with the Brush tool
Creating and using custom brushes
Painting inside a selection
Adding gradients and patterns
Drawing with the Pen tool
Stroking a brushstroke along a path

6. Layer Masks and Shape Layers
Using a layer mask
Drawing vector-based shapes
Turning a shape into a vector mask
Creating clipping masks

7. Smart Objects and Filters
Placing an image as a Smart Object
Applying a dynamic Smart Filter
Creating a Smart Filter effect
Adding shadows to line art

8. Saving for Print and Web
Saving a layered PSD file
Saving TIFF and PNG images
Saving an image for web and online

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