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Intermediate Kotlin for Android Developers

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know
Using the exercise files
Review the starting app

1. Kotlin Overview
What Kotlin has to offer
Benefits of Kotlin on Android
Quick look at syntax
Review nullability
Understanding lambdas

2. Extension Functions and Properties
Working with extensions
Create an extension function
Access extension functions from Java
Common Android extension functions
Kotlin Android Extensions overview
Kotlin Android Extensions advanced

3. Incorporating Anko
Anko overview
Anko commons: Basics
Anko commons: Design and support.v4
Anko layouts: Basics
Anko layouts: Create a custom component
Anko layouts: Style component views
Anko layouts: Use a custom component
Anko layouts: Listeners
Anko layouts: Anko Support plugin

4. Advanced Anko
Coroutines overview
Anko coroutines: Launch basics
Anko coroutines: Launch advanced
Anko coroutines: Async
Anko coroutines: Listeners
Anko coroutines: Suspending functions

5. Working with Collections
Nullability and collections
Read-only and mutable collections
Collection operators: Filtering
Collection operators: Mapping
Collection operators: Aggregating

Next steps

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