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Interactive Animations with CSS and JavaScript

Beyond Flash: Creating animations for the modern web
What you should know

1. Building a Foundation
Scene elements
Animation strategies
Set up your environment

2. HTML Layout
HTML custom elements
Responsive CSS with view units
Create a square with CSS vmin
Center element with CSS margins
Center element CSS flexbox
Create a dynamic layout with flexbox

3. Interactivity with JavaScript
CSS selector specificity
Add a JavaScript event handler
Navigating the DOM

4. Adding Animation
Animation setup
CSS @keyframes
Auto-advance with JavaScript
Control animations with classes
Animate visibility
We need a montage
Adding an animationend event handler
Animating with CSS transitions
Targeted animations using IDs
Manipulating DOM with JavaScript
Randomize slide displays
Set timing for transitions

5. Working with SVG
The DOM is everything
Manipulating SVG with JavaScript
Applying CSS to SVG
Fit and finish

6. Conclusion
Next steps