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lynda InfraWorks 2021: Parametric Civil Structure Models

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Getting into modeling
What you should know
More stuff you should know
The exercise files

1. Export, Modify, and Use a Parametric Tunnel Component :
An overview of parametric content
Interface for parametric components in InfraWorks
Copy a parametric tunnel component in InfraWorks
Change a tunnel component in Inventor
Use an edited tunnel component in InfraWorks

2. Create, Modify, and Use a Parametric Bridge Component :
Necessary bridge component parameters in InfraWorks
Setting up Inventor for infrastructure
Sketch a bridge pier in Inventor, part 1
Sketch a bridge pier in Inventor, part 2
Extrude a bridge pier in Inventor
Export a bridge component in Inventor
The new parametric bridge component in InfraWorks
Good to know

3. Create, Modify, and Use Parametric Street Sign Components :
Create a street sign
Model a street sign base
Model a street sign pole
Model a street sign top
Model a street sign bracket
Model street sign text
Create a street sign assembly
Use the street sign in InfraWorks