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InfraWorks 2017 Essential Training

Using the exercise files

1. Exploring the World of InfraWorks 360
InfraWorks 360 Home: Working with tiles
InfraWorks 360 Home: Groups and settings
Using the Utility Bar
Using the Intelligent tools
Understanding the InfraWorks 360 model: Existing features
Understanding the InfraWorks 360 model: Proposed features
Navigating using the mouse
Navigating using the ViewCube
Looking underground
Navigating by selection
Creating and using bookmarks
Working with the contextual stack
Properties and data tables

2. Creating an Existing World
Using Model Builder
Create a new model from scratch
Retrieve data from the National Map Viewer
Adding imagery
Setting the Model Extent
Configuring coordinate systems and units
Adding terrain data
Adding vector data
Adding point cloud data
Exploring Model Properties
Exploring the Application Options
Updating the model thumbnail

3. Redesigning Your World
Creating roads
Working with Edit mode
Editing roads with gizmos
Editing roads with right-click menus
Creating coverages
Editing coverages with gizmos
Editing coverages with right-click menus
Editing coverage properties
Creating buildings
Editing buildings
Editing building properties
Creating pipelines and pipeline connectors
Editing pipelines and pipe connectors with gizmos
Editing pipeline and pipeline connector properties
Understanding proposals

4. Adding Detail to Your World
Creating trees
Editing individual trees
Editing groups of trees
Creating water features
Editing water features with gizmos
Editing water features with right-click menus
Editing water feature properties
Creating barriers
Editing style-based barriers
Editing 3D-model-based barriers
Creating city furniture
Editing city furniture
Working with points of interest

5. Changing the Look of Your World
Understanding the Style Palette
Creating a color-based material style
Creating a texture-based material style
Creating and applying coverage styles
Creating a material group
Creating a road style
Configuring road-style Track Settings
Working with Style Rules
Working with Surface Display (Opacity and Wireframe)

6. Presenting Your World
Working with Model Generation settings
Working with 3D Graphics settings
Working with Visual Effect settings
Working with Sun & Sky settings
Creating a snapshot
Rendering your model
Creating a storyboard
Creating a camera path animation
Editing a camera path animation
Adding titles and captions to your storyboard
Adding a watermark

7. Analyzing Your World
Measuring your model
Analyzing visibility
Using Range Finder
Using Terrain Statistics
Using Terrain Themes
Using Feature Themes
Working with Point Cloud Themes
Using Sun & Sky for analysis
Using a storyboard for analysis

8. Sharing Your World
Creating and managing groups
Publishing a model
Synchronizing a model
Publishing to the web
View your model online
Taking your model offline

9. Introduction to Design Roads
Creating design roads
Editing design roads
Using profile view
Working with intersections
Working with lanes

10. Introduction to Bridge Design
Creating bridges
Editing bridge geometry
Editing girders
Editing piers
Calculating bridge quantities

11. Introduction to Drainage Design
Creating pavement drainage
Editing pavement drainage
Performing a watershed analysis
Creating a culvert
Calculating quantities

12. Conclusion
Next steps