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Influencer Marketing Foundations

Influencer marketing is here to stay

1. Influencer Marketing Basics
What is influencer marketing?
Why you need influencer marketing
The difference between influencers, bloggers, brand ambassadors, and consumer advocates
Macro vs. micro influencers: Who is right for your brand?

2. Setting Influencer Marketing Goals
Define your target consumer
Define your influencer marketing goals
Learning Break: Chelsea's rise to influencer
Four ways to measure influencer ROI

3. Influencer Marketing Outreach and Compensation
Six creative ways to work with influencers
Finding the right influencers for your brand
Six ways to compensate influencers

4. Creating an Influencer Marketing Campaign
Influencer marketing campaign checklist
What not to do when working with influencers
The future of influencer marketing

Your next play: Influencer marketing