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InDesign: Typography Part 2

Exercise files

1. Text Flow
Text flow and text threading
Using placeholder text to mock up pages
Spanning, splitting, and balancing columns
Auto-sizing text frames
Good type hygiene

2. Alignment
Left-aligned type
Justified type
Centered type
Right-aligned type
Aligning to or away from the spine
Hanging punctuation
Vertical alignment options

3. Indents, Insets, and Spacing
First-line indents
Other types of indents
Using text insets
Paragraph spacing

4. Typical Formatting Scenarios
Tabbed text
Bullet and numbered lists
Working with tables
Setting a drop cap or initial cap
Working with text wraps

5. Global Formatting with Styles
Efficient and consistent formatting
Creating, applying, and editing
Parent and child styles
Nested styles and line styles
Sequential styles
Using a grep style
Paragraph rules and shaded paragraphs

6. Controlling Text
Breaking lines
Keep Options
Preventing short lines

7. Design Considerations
Combining typefaces
Establishing hierarchy
Using white space
Working with a grid