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InDesign: Advanced Styles

Video Introducing this tutorial


Using the exercise files
Set up a workspace

1. Paragraph and Character Styles Basics

Paragraph styles and character styles
Create, apply, and redefine paragraph styles
Create, apply, and redefine character styles
Create based-on styles
Deleting and replace styles

2. Chapter Botched on Import

The [Basic Paragraph] style
Imported styles
Break the line to a style
Manage overrides
Share and reuse styles
Create a default set of paragraph and character styles
Add a keyboard shortcut
Use Quick Apply to apply styles
Use the Eyedropper to apply styles
Styles housekeeping

3. Advanced Text Styles

Create a drop cap style
Add a nested style
Add a nested style at the end of a paragraph
Add multiple nested styles
Repeat nested styles
Nested line styles
Automate formatting with GREP styles
Create style sequences and style loops
Controlling text flow with styles
Organize content with paragraph rules and paragraph shading

4. Lists

Bullet lists
Numbered lists
Right align numbers in lists
Number across stories
Multilevel hierarchical lists
Considerations for working with lists

5. Object Styles

Create, apply, and redefine object styles
Anchored object styles
Some common uses for object styles
Create a default object style

6. Table and Cell Styles

What table and cell styles can and cant do
Create, apply, and modify tables styles

7. Other Uses of Styles

Map Word styles to InDesign styles
Apply styles with Find/Change
Apply conditions to styles
Synchronize styles across documents with the Book feature
Generate a table of contents with styles
Generate automatic captions
Create stroke styles