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Improving Your Focus

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course

1. What Is Focus Management?

How to tackle the challenge of focus
Understand the two facets of focus

2. Your Digital Space

Protect: Turn notifications off and calendar on
Protect: Curate upgrades and installs
Grow: Time your activity
Grow: Create a digital-free zone

3. Your Physical Space

Protect: Use the inbox and portable inbox
Protect: Process and find homes
Grow: Establish artifacts
Grow: Assemble your tools

4. Your Mind

Protect: Redirect ideas and opportunities
Protect: Build a mental firewall
Grow: Choose your areas of focus
Grow: Create a vision

5. Your Time

Protect: Build a buffer in your day
Protect: Create your finish line
Grow: Increase your value per hour
Grow: Establish refocusing time

6. Your Relationships

Protect: Establish expectations and boundaries
Protect: Set up a closed door, open calendar policy
Grow: Focus on people
Grow: Make time for others


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