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lynda Implementing an Information Security Program

Video Introducing this tutorial

Protect against cyber attacks
What you should know
Information security overview
Cybersecurity overview
Cyber resilience overview
Risk management overview

1. Information Security Program Goals:
Achieve your customers’ expectations
Cyber-attack and failure resilience
Compliance with laws and regulations
Support executives and the BOD

2. Information Security Program Components:
Essential functions of a program
Determine your role
Build a team
The need for management
The need for leadership

3. Structure an Information Security Program:
Sources of controls
Organize around cyber resilience
Design an information security program

4. Measure Information Risks:
Plan to measure information risks
Use a data-driven cyber risk management method
Understand the 0 to 10 scale
Set target scores for each control
Decide where to measure information risk
Create a score key for experts
Prepare to collect scores from experts
Set up a score collection workflow
Collect scores from your systems

5. Understand Information Risks:
The questions that drive us
Determine resilience
Determine the top five risks
Understand the leadership landscape

6. Manage Information Risks:
Generate ideas to manage top risks
Estimate costs
Estimate benefits
Prepare proposals

7. Demonstrate Compliance and Progress:
Communicate with executives
Communicate with stakeholders
Communicate with auditors

8. Use a Workflow to Organize Work:
Determine measurement frequency
Build on baseline measurements
Construct an annual program of work

Next steps