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iMovie for iOS Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


1. Getting Started
Installing iMovie
Exploring the interface
Understanding the differences between the iPad and iPhone/iPod versions

2. Importing Video
Shooting with the built-in cameras
Importing from an iPhone or iPod touch
Importing from a camera card
Deleting unneeded footage

3. Assembling and Editing a Project
Creating a new project and understanding themes
Browsing and adding clips to a project
Trimming clips
Splitting clips
Cropping and rotating clips
Adjusting transition effects between clips
Using the Precision Editor
Adding photos
Adding titles
Creating overlay effects
Adjusting playback speed
Creating trailers

4. Working with Audio
Adjusting clip audio levels
Fading audio clips in and out
Adding sound effects
Adding background music
Recording live audio into a project

5. Sharing and Managing Your Projects
Exporting a final movie to the Camera Roll
Sharing to iMovie Theater
Sharing to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport
Transferring and backing up the project to iTunes