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Illustrator for Non-Illustrators


1. AI Drawing Tools
Creating drawing brushes
Drawing with the Pencil tool
Drawing with the Paint Brush tool
Drawing with the Blob Brush tool

2. Drawing Fundamentals
Analyzing form
Line, shape, and volume
Light, shadow, tone, and texture
Perspective basics
Proportion and distortion

3. Drawing Methods
Gesture drawing
Contour drawing
Still life drawing
Loose scribble drawing
Drawing doodles

4. Drawing Details
Drawing base line work
Drawing base color
Drawing shading and highlights
Inking and coloring a drawing

5. Digital Drawers
Abigail Bacilla
Mattias Johansson
Scott Soeder
Andi Butler
Drew Pocza
Michael Austin

6. Drawing Challenge
The challenge
The solution

Never stop drawing

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