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Illustrator Draw: Working Mobile

Video Introducing this tutorial

با مشاهده این کورس آموزشی بسیار ارزشمند با نرم افزار Adobe Illustrator Draw آشنا می شوید و یاد می گیرید که چطور از ابزارها و امکانات آن برای نقاشی دیجیتال استفاده کنید. مدرس مجموعه تمامی مباحث را به زبانی ساده و در حین انجام پروژه های واقعی به شما عزیزان آموزش میدهد.

عنوان اصلی : Illustrator Draw: Working Mobile

این مجموعه آموزش ویدیویی محصول موسسه آموزشی Lynda است که بر روی 1 حلقه CD به همراه فایلهای تمرینی و به مدت زمان 2 ساعت و 21 دقیقه در اختیار علاقه مندان قرار می گیرد.

در ادامه با برخی از سرفصل های درسی این مجموعه آموزش آشنا می شویم :


Adobe Ideas, Adobe Line, and Illustrator Draw
Draw! What is it good for?
Connected Creative Cloud
Exercise files
What the author is using in this course
Feature support (March 2017)

1. Getting Started

Signing in to Draw
Built-in tutorials
Inspiration from the community gallery
Interface tour: Projects and drawings
Interface tour: The drawing interface

2. Using a Stylus

Your native tools vs. a stylus
What to look for when choosing your stylus
Pairing a stylus

3. Starting Out Drawing

The basic round brush
The basic taper brush
The basic flat brush
The basic chisel brush
The Eraser tool
Changing brush behavior
Changing brush size and opacity
Brushes in practice

4. Colors

Choosing colors from the Color Picker
Using color harmonies
Accessing color themes
Colors in CC libraries
Colors from the screen

5. Drawing Assistance

Using Touch Slide
Using the basic shapes and polygons
Using the French curves
Using stamps
Shapes from CC libraries
Adding a grid
Adding a perspective grid
Editing or disabling a grid
Snapping behaviors

6. Draw Layers

Adding a draw layer
Naming a layer
Changing layer opacity
Transforming layer contents
Deleting or duplicating a layer
Merging layers
Drawing exercise with transformations

7. Image Layers

Adding an image layer
Transforming an image layer
Perspective from image layers
Using image layers from other apps
Using image layers for tracing

8. Advanced Drawing Techniques

What are blend modes?
Layer strategies
Instant fills and deletions
Changing the color of objects
Drawing exercise

9. Beyond Illustrator Draw

Using Capture to make a shape
Using drawings in other apps
Sending your work to Illustrator
Sending your work to Photoshop
Sharing your work to Behance
Other sharing options


Deliberate practice
Keep Up-To-Date
Bye for now!