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Illustrator: Creating Custom Brushes

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know
Using the exercise files

1. Brush Types Overview

What are custom brushes?
How to use brushes in Illustrator
Load preset brush libraries

2. Calligraphic Brush

Calligraphic brush overview
Create a custom calligraphic brush
How the brush responds to variations
Calligraphic brush and blob brush

3. Scatter Brush

Scatter brush overview
Scatter brush options
Colorization options
Add textures and effects

4. Art Brush

Art brush overview
Segment your art brush
Make art for your art brush
Create a more sophisticated brush
Create a watercolor effect

5. Bristle Brush

Bristle brush overview
Incorporate shading

6. Pattern Brush

Pattern brush overview
Distribute on a path
Add endcaps
Tips for creating a complex pattern
Create an overlapping pattern brush

7. Customization and Beyond

Use gradients
Combine brushes
Save your custom art brushes


Next steps