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Hype Quick Start

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. Getting Started
Creating a new Hype document
User interface introduction and Hype terminology
Creating your first animation
Working with elements
Animating text with keyframes

2. Timeline Animation
Understanding the main timeline
Modifying keyframes and retiming
Timing and easing animations
Animating other properties
Working with the Capo
Reusing animations
Working with the rotation property
Masking and cropping
Animating CSS filters

3. Managing Timelines and Interactivity
Creating buttons and working with mouse actions
Creating and working with timelines
Using actions and looping a timeline
Working with relative timelines
Chaining actions together
Using drag to control timelines
Working with audio
Developing a slideshow

4. Working with Scenes
Creating and managing scenes
Adding scene transitions
The advantages of timelines
The advantages of scenes

5. Exporting Your Project
Exporting and embedding Hype documents
Adding your own HTML

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