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Human Resources: Leadership and Strategic Impact

Video Introducing this tutorial

What you should know

1. Strategic Thinking and HR Alignment
The strategic role of HR
Ask the right questions
Strategy is choices and optimization
What’s important versus what's pivotal
Pivotal innovation
Efficiency, effectiveness, and impact

2. Impact: What Talent and Organization Drives Strategy?
Important is the wrong question
Define sustainable strategic success
Map strategic differentiation
The bottleneck is pivotal
Find the bottleneck in a process
What makes sweepers pivotal?
Return on improved performance

3. Effectiveness: How HR Deliverables Drive Pivotal Talent and Organization Attributes
Pivotal talent attributes
Pivotal HR deliverables

4. Efficiency: What HR Investments Drive Pivotal HR Deliverables?
Strategic HR budget
Pitfalls of benchmarking as HR strategy

5. Asking the Right Questions
A strategic question guide
Strategy energy and rebalancing
HR measurement and analytics

Next steps

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