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HTML for Educators

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you should know before watching this course
Using the exercise files
Why learn HTML?

1. Web Basics

HTML basics
Tools of the trade
Coding a site, a page, or parts
How URLs work
Spectrum of ownership
Digital asset management
Workflow for creating a web or course site
To save as HTML or not?

2. Semantically Formatting Text

Using headings
Defining paragraphs
Adding emphasis
Making lists
Creating description lists

3. Leveraging Links

Creating links to pages
Creating links within pages
Creating an email link
Creating social media links
Targeting where links will open
Linking to a PDF
Linking to a Google Doc

4. Integrating Images

Working with images in HTML
Inserting your own images into an LMS
Using images from Flickr
Creating a linked image

5. Embedding Resources

Embedding resources with iFrames
Embedding YouTube videos
Embedding Vimeo videos
Embedding SoundCloud audio
Using a custom Google map
Making iFrames responsive for mobile devices

6. Adding Style with CSS

What is CSS?
Drilling into CSS with web developer tools
Overriding CSS in an LMS
Linking to your own custom CSS
Creating a print-only style sheet

7. Setting Up Web Infrastructure

Setting up web infrastructure
Creating a domain of your own
Setting up a blog
Setting up an LMS
Setting up a personal website
Setting up FTP


Next steps