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lynda HTML and CSS: Linking

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Hyperlinks: The glue connecting the World Wide Web

1. Links in HTML :
The basic link
Linking to offsite resources
Opening links in different windows and iframes
Linking to PDF files and other documents
Linking within the same document and top of page
Linking phone numbers
Linking to email addresses and email messages
Using images as links
Including several links within an image using image maps
Links in theof the document 2. Styling Links with CSS : Styling links and link states Making exceptions to link styling Styling a text link to look like a button Understanding proper navigation markup Creating a simple vertical navigation bar Creating a simple horizontal navigation bar 3. Maintaining Links : Checking sites for link rot and broken links Redirecting links within a webpage Redirecting links on the server Content delivery networks Controlling which links search engines follow Conclusion : Next steps