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How Marketers Collect and Use Your Data

The value of data
Concerning times and current issues
Data is the new oil

1. Know the Extent of Your Shared Data
Looking at your Google history
The results of being tracked

2. How Data Is Collected
The "digital handshake"
Your digital fingerprint
First-party cookies
The limits of private browsing
Understanding the difference between explicit data and implicit data

3. Understand Retargeting Technology
How retargeting ruined Christmas
Retargeting is not bad, just executed poorly
Targeting is not all bad
Using an ad blocker

4. Identify Third-Party Cookies
How third-party cookies get on your computer
Accumulating your data: The data management platform
Seeing how Google (and advertisers) classify you
Creating look-alikes

5. Connecting How Advertisers Use the Data
Delivering an ad to you
Invasive listening
Associating connected devices (home assistants, smart TVs, and pacemakers)

6. Actionable Advice: What Should I Do Now?
Embrace the technology for more relevant ad experiences
Limit exposure and protect your data
How can I manage privacy on my smartphone?

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