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Hiring a Marketing Agency

What you should know

1. Understanding the Agency World
What digital marketing agencies do
How a digital marketing agency works
Client vs. agency perspectives

2. Prepare Internally First
Reasons to hire a marketing agency
How to assemble an agency selection team
How to develop an agency selection schedule
How to choose agencies to invite
How to collaborate among creative teams

3. Write the Request for Proposal (RFP)
Use an audit to set agency expectations
Benefits of using a request for proposal (RFP)
What to include in a RFP
What to include in the RFP schedule

4. Begin Your Search and Run the Process
Learn the next steps to contact agencies
How to begin the agency selection process
How to maintain ongoing dialogue

5. Select Your Agency
How to evaluate potential agencies
How to make your agency recommendation
How to announce your agency selection

6. Sign the Contract and Get Started
How to finalize the contract and SOW
How to compensate the agency
Review internal feedback and buy-in
Develop a calendar for scope of work

Next steps