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July 2016

Five ways that people live their lives
Common misbeliefs about happiness
Utility theory: Is it selfish to be happy?
The balance between planning for the future and living for the now

August 2016

Where does your happiness come from?
Focus on what's good and build gratitude
What are your goals in life?
Remove sources of unhappiness

September 2016

Reduce stress
Allow a safety margin or buffer
Why we choose our negative emotions
Can you take responsibility and control your emotions?

October 2016

Savour life through mindfulness
How to overcome guilt
Get rid of your worries
Change your thoughts, change your habits
Find Happiness from Chores

November 2016

Strengthen your brain through meditation
The joy of throwing things away
'Compacting' explained
Get in touch with your inner child

December 2016

Nature as a source of happiness
Creativity and focus on the detail
Tips for getting more sleep
Tips for getting more exercise

January 2017

When to reduce the number of your friends
Enjoy and achieve, at home and at work
How to keep in touch with friends
How to spend more time with friends
Ideas for giving a bit back

February 2017

The importance of being nice
Competing isn't the answer
Break free of comparisons
The choice between dabbling and excelling

March 2017

Tips for getting more learning into your life
Come out of your comfort zone
The balance between security and excitement
How to start your day and enjoy music

April 2017

Simplify your life
Tips for thinking positively
Discover your drivers
Live in the present

May 2017

Learn about what motivates you
Capture all the loose ends
Increase your physical happiness