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Handling Workplace Change as an Employee

Video Introducing this tutorial


What change has meant for me

1. Understand and Prepare for Change

Why we dislike change
The Change Curve
Know your thought processes
How to plan for change
How to develop mental toughness

2. Restructuring

PEAR: The qualities for promotion
Maximize your interpersonal skills
Long-term career planning
Push yourself out of your comfort zone
Why you need to be T-shaped

3. Layoffs

Leaving is always an option
Key points if you're thinking of leaving
Always have your resume/CV ready
How to plan your future career
Mental attitude when job hunting
Build up your network

4. New Initiatives or Mergers

Don't fight the change
Develop your commercial skills
Look out for group think!
Be proactive

5. New Roles, Teams, and Location

The benefits of a new role
Prepare before you arrive
Join the team as fast as possible
Create a plan and think long term

6. New Boss

How to be low maintenance
Get to know your boss's personality type
Establish goals and plans with your new boss
How to deal with a bad boss


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