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lynda Grasshopper: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Video Introducing this tutorial

New This Week:
Wallacei output

Tips, tricks, and techniques for Grasshopper

Previous Episodes:
Leveraging NURBS: Sampling
Leveraging NURBS: UVW space
Leveraging NURBS: Reparameterization
Leveraging NURBS: Solving on plane
Leveraging NURBS: Curves as math functions
Leveraging NURBS: One-degree surfaces
Leveraging NURBS: NURBS or meshes? Part 1
Leveraging NURBS: NURBS or meshes? Part 2
Leveraging NURBS: What is BREP?
Leveraging NURBS: Alternatives to Boolean, part 1
Leveraging NURBS: Alternatives to Boolean, part 2
Leveraging NURBS: Alternatives to Boolean, Part 3
Leveraging NURBS: Extracting planes from curves
Leveraging NURBS: Extracting planes from surfaces
Understanding offset directionality
Offsetting variable curves consistently
Offsetting polygons
Equal spacing along a curve for linkages
Paneling tools and NURBS sampling
Breaking down the paneling tools
Buildable 3D paneling
Understanding unrolling in Grasshopper
Scripting your own unroller
Unfolding from scratch, part 1
Unfolding from scratch, part 2
Why data trees?
Intentional data trees
Installing plugins
Fabrication: Ivy fundamentals
Fabrication: Ivy for a multiple parts
Fabrication: Ivy for fabrication
Human: Setting data
Human: Getting data
Anemone: Basics
Anemone: Convex hull
Anenome: Custom convex
Dealing with empty branches
Data trees as lists
Iteration instead of data trees
Sorting inputs
Sorted geometry to data tree
Data trees and scripting
Data trees as a master index and ID
Vector intro
Plane intro
Vector math, part 1
Vector math, part 2
Operating in different cartesian systems
Operating in twisted spaces, NURBS systems
Installing Crow
Setting up training data in Crow
Prep the neural network in Crow
Apply the network to classify face parts
Using classification
Installing Wallacei
Setting up Wallacei
Wallacei goals
Wallacei goal tuning