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Graphic Design Foundations: Ideas, Concepts, and Form

Ideas, concepts, and form in graphic design

1. Foundations
Pointless chaos
Symbols: The visual shortcut

2. Fused Metaphors
Fused Metaphors: An introduction
Fused metaphors: Examples
Fused metaphors: How-to

3. Typographic Concepts
Type as image
Make the type do double duty
Expressive typography
When type comes to the rescue

4. Humor
Why use humor
Dangerous ideas
Visual puns

5. Icons and Iconography
What is an icon?
Icons as language
Cultural communication

6. Appropriation and Sampling
What is appropriation?
Making connections
Audience and surgical precision

7. Multiple Images
Images and meaning
Telling stories
Pros and cons

8. Ways of Making
Working with multiple types of media