lynda Google Sheets Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Get organized with Google Sheets
Importing exercise files to Google Sheets

1. Getting Started with Google Sheets :
What is Google Sheets?
Accessing Google Sheets with your account
Navigating Google Sheets

2. Creating and Managing Spreadsheets :
Creating, naming, and saving a spreadsheet
Copying and renaming a spreadsheet
Moving a spreadsheet
Deleting a spreadsheet
Importing spreadsheets from Excel and OpenOffice
Importing data files

3. Editing Spreadsheets :
Entering and editing cell data
Inserting, deleting, and clearing rows and columns
Moving or copying rows, columns, and cells
Working with multiple sheets
Creating a series of numbers, letters, or dates
Inserting images and hyperlinks

4. Viewing Spreadsheets :
Freezing rows and columns
Hiding rows, columns, and sheets
Using filters and creating filter views
Sorting data on a spreadsheet

5. Formatting, Printing, and Publishing Spreadsheets :
Formatting cells, rows, and columns
Using conditional formatting
Printing a spreadsheet

6. Working with Spreadsheet Data :
See the Sum, Average, Min, Max, or Count
Using formulas and functions
Using IF and nested functions in formulas
Creating charts and graphs
Using pivot tables

7. Collaborating with Google Sheets :
Sharing a spreadsheet with other people
Collaborating and commenting on a spreadsheet
Working with spreadsheet revisions

Conclusion :
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