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Google Hangouts Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial


What you need to get started

1. Get Started with Google Hangouts

What is Google Hangouts?
Launch Hangouts and sign in
Tour the Hangouts interface

2. Messaging and Text Hangouts

Start or join a one-on-one text chat
Start a group text chat
Archive a text chat
Review and resume past chats with history

3. Video and Phone Hangouts

Start a video call
Join a video call
Send a message during a call
Share your computer screen
Change video call settings
Make a phone call with Hangouts

4. Hangouts on Mobile Devices

Tour the Hangouts UI on a mobile device
Start a Hangout chat on a tablet
Start a video call on a mobile phone

5. Set Up Contacts

Add and remove contacts
See who is available or not
Control how people contact you
Block people from contacting you

6. Set Hangout Preferences

Change your profile picture
Control notifications on an iPhone
Use keyboard shortcuts in Hangouts


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