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Google Drive Advanced Tips and Tricks

What you should know

1. Work on a Desktop Computer
Make Google Drive the default save location
Use selective sync
Download Google Docs as PDF files and other file types

2. Use Google Drive Efficiently
Use stars and colors to organize folders
Automatically convert files to Google Docs when uploading
Convert PDF files into searchable text

3. Google Docs Tips
Use detailed revision history to bring back small changes
Automatically substitute text
Use templates to get your projects started

4. Google Sheets Tips
Split and bring together names in columns
Create an interactive geochart
Work with columns and rows

5. Google Draw Tips
Use Google Draw to create social media posts
Create flowcharts and icons for documents

6. Use Google Drive with Other Google Products
Work offline with Google Chrome
Attach large files to Gmail
Search for docs in the Google search bar
Get Chrome extensions for Google Drive
Use Google Search to insert links
Use IFTTT with Google Sheets