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Google Classic Sites Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

What are the uses for Google Sites?
Accessing Google Sites with your Google account

1. Working with Sites
Creating a site from a gallery template
Creating a blank site from scratch
Managing or deleting a site
Editing site color schemes

2. Working with Pages
Introduction to pages
Creating a webpage
Creating an announcement
Creating a File Cabinet
Creating a list
Deleting and moving pages
Editing pages
Working with page settings

3. Working with Content
Working with text and links
Changing layouts
Working with images
Adding YouTube videos
Adding a Google Calendar
Inserting gadgets
Adding other Google product content

4. Working with Navigation
Editing the site layout
Creating a horizontal navigation bar
Configuring the navigation sidebar
Deleting and adding sidebars

5. Working with Users and Visitors
Setting page-level permissions
Setting up notifications
Making a site public or private

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