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GitHub for Web Designers

Video Introducing this tutorial

Using the exercise files

1. GitHub Overview
What is GitHub?
Creating an account
GitHub documentation

2. Git Basics
Version control overview
Using the command line
Installing Git on a Mac
Installing Git on Windows
How Git works
Creating a repo
Checking current status
Adding files
Making a commit
Modifying files
Checking differences
Creating a branch
Switching between branches
Updating branches
Understanding merging
Basic merging
Resolving conflicts
Managing branches
Pushing files to remote repos
Learning Git

3. GitHub Basics
Creating a new repository
Adding a README file
Adding a gitignore file
Editing files
Cloning the repo locally
Deleting a repo

4. Using the GitHub Client
Exploring the Windows client
Project overview
Adding an existing project
Updating files
Adding new files
Pulling remote files
Creating new branches
Managing branches
Merging branches
Resolving conflicts
Dealing with binary files
Deleting branches
Reverting and rolling back commits

5. Collaborating with GitHub
Adding collaborators
Adding commit comments
Adding a new issue
Managing issues
Working as a collaborator
Creating a pull request
Managing pull requests

Additional resources