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Git Essential Training: The Basics

Use Git version control software to manage project code

1. What Is Git?
Version control
The history behind Git
About distributed version control

2. Install Git
Install Git on a Mac
Install Git on Windows
Install Git on Linux
Basic Git configuration
Git auto-completion
Git help

3. Getting Started
Initialize a repository
Where Git files are stored
Your first commit
Write a commit message
View the commit log

4. Git Concepts and Architecture
The three trees
Git workflows
Hash values (SHA-1)
The HEAD pointer

5. Make Changes to Files
Add files
Edit files
View changes with diff
View only staged changes
Delete files
Move and rename files

6. Use Git with a Real Project
The Explore California website
Initialize Git
View file edits
Stage and commit shortcut
View a commit
Compare commits
Multiline commit messages
Make atomic commits
Challenge: Client edits
Solution: Client edits

7. Undo Changes
Undo working directory changes
Unstage files
Amend commits
Retrieve old versions
Revert a commit
Remove untracked files

8. Ignore Files
Use .gitignore files
Ideas on what to ignore
Globally ignore files
Ignore tracked files
Track empty directories

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