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GIMP Essential Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Edit your images for free with GIMP

1. Get Started
Tour the GIMP interface
Explore GIMP preferences
Explore GIMP tools
Create new documents
Work with document templates
Save documents
Open documents in other file formats
Work with color-managed documents
Use Multiple Undo and History
View documents
How to avoid getting stuck in the interface

2. Work with Selections
Rectangle Select tool
Selection tool options
Ellipse Select tool
Free Select tool
Fuzzy Select tool
Select by Color tool
Scissors Select tool
Foreground Select tool
Quick masks
Saving selections
The Selection Editor

3. Work with Layers
Understanding layers
Add layers
Work with layer boundaries
Arrange layers
Work with floating selections
Copying and pasting between layers
Link and group layers
Control layer opacity
Blend layers

4. Work with Masks
Create layer masks
Apply, disable, and delete layer masks
Move and copy layer masks

5. Work with Paths
Understanding paths
Draw curved paths
Modify paths
Paths and selections
Stroke paths
Transform paths
Copy and merge paths
Import and export paths

6. Adjust Images
Adjust canvas size
Adjust print size
Scale images
Rotate images
Crop images
Using perspective
Using Cage Transform
Using Unified Transform

7. Using the Paint Tools
Sampling colors
Define colors
Understanding the Brush tool options
Understanding brush types
Brush dynamics
The Brushes dialog
Create a parametric brush
Create a color brush
Create a clipboard brush
Bucket Fill tool
Gradient tool
Airbrush tool
Ink tool
MyPaint Brush tool
Configure brush keyboard shortcuts

8. Retouch Photos
Color Balance and Colorize
Using Levels
Using Curves
Adjust hue, saturation, and brightness
Sharpen images
Blur images
Create motion blur effects
Dodge and Burn
Adjust image details with the Clone tool
Adjust colors with the Clone tool
Create patterns with the Clone tool
Healing tool

9. Work with Filters
Distortion filters
Split view
Add drop shadows
Add noise
Fix red eye

10. Work with Text
Add and edit text
Transform text
Convert text to paths
Put text on a path

11. Output Images
Print from GIMP
Export JPG files for web
Export PNG files for web
Export for print

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