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Getting Your Ideas Approved


1. Structured Thought Method
What makes a presentation unsuccessful?
The structured thought process
Use the right tools
Iterate and refine a presentation

2. Questions and Answers
Define the question
Create a hypothesis
The importance of the core idea

3. Architecture
The role and benefits of architecture
How to select an architectural style
How to build an architecture
Stress testing your architecture
How to build a column architecture
How to build a layer architecture

4. The Story
Turn architecture into a story
Move from column architecture to story
Move from layer architecture to story
Discuss and refine your story
Finalize your story

5. Facts and Analysis
Identify the required facts
How to prove or disprove a hypothesis
An example of a disproved hypothesis

6. Finalizing the Communication
Choose a communication format
How to finalize a presentation

Review of the structured thought process
Apply the structured thought process