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lynda Getting Your First Job as a Web Developer

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Land that first web developer job

1. Preparing for Your First Job :
Types of developer jobs
What skills do I need?
Creating a personal website
Creating a personal bio
Creating a social media presence
Self-employed or employee: Which is right for you?

2. Job Searching, Resumes, and Cover Letters :
How do I find jobs?
How to write a resume
How to format a resume
Crafting a cover letter
What to include in a cover letter
The interview process
Prepare for an interview
Common interview questions
Review a job offer
Negotiating a job offer

3. Freelancing: Getting Started :
Choosing a business structure
Finding clients and projects
Setting your rates: Hourly pricing
Setting your rates: Value-based pricing
Scoping a project
What to include in a project
Working with contracts

Conclusion :
Next steps