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lynda Getting PR Placements

Video Introducing this tutorial

You can get a job in PR
Think and act like a journalist

1. Growing Your Brand with Experience:
What is PR?
Relationships in the media
Excel by pitching the media
Get to know the media and win them over

2. Building Relationships:
Excel on a cold call
Share your coverage
Leverage your connections to make introductions
Choosing relationships that match your brand
Do your research and convince companies that you are their solution

3. Becoming the Go-To Media Expert:
Act like a pro
Find what makes you stand out to help you excel
Making your content stellar

4. Finding and Landing Placements:
Identify the problem to be solved
Build a website and a timeline
Utilizing local press
Build your visibility in the media
Pay attention to trends

5. Knowing the Media Outlet You Want to Pitch:
Have a new angle on an old topic to make your pitch pop
Learn how to create news
Excel by determining what story you are telling

6. Growing Your Contacts:
Deciding on your email structure
Crafting your following up
Be available

Be persistent and work hard to excel