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Get in the Mix with Logic Pro

Using the Get in the Mix project files

1. Compression and Dynamic Processing
Using compression to even out a vocal performance
Using compression to add punch and sustain to drums
Maximizing mix loudness with brick-wall limiters
De-essing a vocal track
Gating a drum track
Using mix buss compression
Working with parallel compression

2. EQ and Filters
Using EQ to fix problems and place elements in the mix
Creating complementary EQ curves
Creative EQ with the telephone effect
Frequency bracketing with filters
Automating EQ
EQing FX returns

3. Delay and Modulation
Using long delay on key lyrics
Establishing groove with long delays
Creating slap-back echo with long delay
Modulation rate and depth
Modulation shape
Double tracking
Spreaders and thickeners
Creating a comb filter and a flange effect
Flanger and phaser effects

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