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GarageBand Essential Training

Capture your musical visions with GarageBand

1. Getting Started
Understand the GarageBand layout
Create a new project
Add tracks
Understand region types
Work with the Tempo track

2. Working with Loops and Drummer
Browse the loop library
Understand the difference between Software and Real Instrument loops
Add loops to your project and customize them
Change loop settings
Transpose loops
Import audio tracks
Use Drummer to create custom drumbeats

3. Working with Software Instruments
Understand MIDI and Musical Typing
Connect a keyboard controller
Record a software instrument track
Cycle recording
Split a drum track into multiple tracks
Edit software tracks
Create a click track
Working with synth sounds

4. Working with Real Instruments
Get real sounds into your Mac
Set input levels
Record a Real Instrument track
Record and composite multiple takes
Enable simultaneous multitrack recording
Customize the guitar sound
Customize the bass sound
Fix timing issues with Flex Time and groove matching

5. Arranging, Editing, and Mixing Your Project
Get organized
Use the Arrangement track
Equalizing tracks
Use plugins
Automate volume and panning
Lock tracks to improve system performance
Use the master track

6. Exporting, Sharing, and Archiving Your Project
Use the Share menu
Save your project to iCloud to access from other Macs
Archive your project

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