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Fusion 360 Product Design: Lighting

Video Introducing this tutorial


Exercise files

1. Sculpting the Form of the Model

Sculpting the outer form
Sculpting the inner form
Creating new facets
Sculpting the tail
Adding the control module
Creating inner form curves and frames

2. Creating the Lug Support Sketches and Pattern

Creating the lug loop sketch
Creating fillets
Adding an extrusion
Adding the extrusion bridge
Joining the frames with a tangent spline

3. Creating Frame Ring Connector Rails

Using 3-point planes to create the frame
Cleaning up the frame rings
Creating the center line sketch
Creating the flat tail rails
Creating curved rails
Central spine

4. Form 2: Build Volume and Copy

Form 2: Build volume
Sketching lines to help divide the model

5. Creating Additional Material around Slice Zones

Adding 2mm material around slice zones
Adding sweep 2mm material around slice zones
Adding strengthening material
Adding a middle web
Adding web to body
Adding the cable loop slots
Adding fillets to finish and slice

6. Creating Interfaces at the Connecting Zones

Adding the frame connectors
Adding parts to an assembly

7. Adding Shell for Outer Skin Sketch: Tail Split Surf and Split Tail

Outer volume layout
Creating the tail surf split
Creating the tail support sketch
Adding upper support pins
Adding lower support pins
Adding side support pins

8. Dividing the Model into Parts

External parts assembly
Separating the model into parts
Organizing the main body parts

9. Creating the Support Lugs

Creating the tail lugs
Creating the eye lugs
Sketch lug profile

10. Support Base

Creating the power exit
Creating the support base
Support base sketch
Creating base feet
Adding base webs
Adding base fillets

11. Tail End Details

Adding the tail end lugs
Connecting the tail end lugs
Creating tail pins
Creating tail pin hallow
Creating the tail drain
Creating the tail socket
Finishing off the tail

12. Splitting the Model

Creating the head split
Creating the fin split
Validating the print form with PreForm
Creating the final body splits

13. Window Panels

Using spline to create windows
Creating window cuts
Changing part materials
Finishing the frame

14. Internal Support Structure

Setting the mass properties
Building support parts
Fin geometry
Creating fin lugs
Completing fin lugs
FrameCreate tail pin hallow print


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