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Fusion 360: Basic Part Modeling

Video Introducing this tutorial

About the course

1. Setup
Download Fusion 360
Introduction to the user interface
Change settings
PC vs. Mac

2. Design Basics
First model and navigation
Sketching and extruding
Editing sketches and features
Construction lines and circles
Offset and Fillet tools

3. Designing Accurate Parts
Design a battery with dimensions
Using calipers to get precise measurements
Design slide switch: Constraints
Slide switch: Constraints continued
Fix over-constraint errors
Referencing dimensions
Modifying dimensions

4. Design by Referencing Drawings
Obtaining drawings for battery charger
Inches to millimeters
Symmetry Constraint and Mirror tool
Midpoint and linear constraints
Fillets and appearances
Modifying features

5. Design by Attaching Canvas
Attach and calibrate canvas for the circuit playground
Sketching by referencing the canvas
Parallel constraints and Circular Pattern
Circular Pattern in the modeling environment
Modify the timeline
Combining bodies
Separating bodies and appearances

Next steps

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