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Freelancing Tips

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The business of freelancing

1. Business Fundamentals
Goal-setting as a freelancer
Managing your time as a freelancer
How to create a budget
Managing your cash flow
How should you price your services?
How to structure a winning proposal
Why you need contracts
What to include in a contract
Finding mentors as a freelancer
How to productize your services
Forming partnerships as a freelancer

2. Software Fundamentals
Essential software tools for freelancers
What should you use your website for?
Which website builder is right for you?
Which email service is right for you?
Scheduling and managing your calendar
Basic tools and information for taxes
Invoicing and getting paid

3. Client Fundamentals
How to find good clients
How to say no to a potential client
Communicating with clients
How to handle scope creep with a client
Learning break: Design your life

4. Selling Fundamentals
Sell offline before selling online
The fastest way to make more revenue
What is a sales funnel?
Managing your sales funnel
Targeting, messaging, and frequency
Daily activities for finding clients
Getting more referrals
Creating upsells and downsells

5. Marketing Fundamentals
Developing your personal brand
How to answer, "What do you do?"
Which social media platforms to use
Creating a compelling LinkedIn profile
Using LinkedIn to market yourself
How to use testimonials and case studies
Should you be creating content?
Creating a content marketing strategy
How to become a thought leader

Build your freelance business