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Freelancing and Consulting in User Experience



1. UX Freelance Careers Defined

Common traits of successful freelancers
Freelance UX consulting, UX contracting, and UX moonlighting
Specializing as a freelancer

2. Transitioning to Freelance Work

Setting up a business structure
Searching for your first freelance gig
Starting life as a UX freelancer when youre just out of college
Transitioning from other freelance work
Transitioning from design to freelance research or strategy

3. Life as a Freelancer

What is life like as a freelancer?
What is life like as a design freelancer?
What is life like as a research freelancer?
Other UX freelance careers
The critical need for continuous learning

4. UX Branding and Networking for Successful Consulting

Personal branding
Being part of the UX community
A UX freelancer's website and portfolio
UX thought leadership
Social media
Career adventure for freelance success
Advertising your services
What are companies looking for in a UX freelancer?


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