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FrameMaker 2017 Essential Training


How to use the exercise files
What you need to know

1. Get Started with FrameMaker

What is FrameMaker?
Tour the user interface
Customize your workspace
Use visual guides and rulers
Use templates to create a new document

2. Format Documents

Create a custom document
Copy text to a blank document
Create a side-head area
Use the Paragraph Designer
Redefine paragraph formats
Format body text
Format numbered lists
Format bulleted lists
Number chapter titles
Hide or delete formats

3. Work with Page Layout

Change column layout
Work with master pages
Work with headers and footers
Create custom master pages

4. Work with Colors and Character Formats

Define custom text colors
Use color in paragraph formats
Create character formats
Use a character format in numbering

5. Work with Graphics

Adjust frames for graphics
Import graphics
Draw lines and shapes
Modify graphic properties
Manipulate graphic objects
Group objects on a page
Use and edit anchored frames
Reposition and reuse anchored frames

6. Edit Documents

Hide and show graphics
Create and use variables
Change variable definitions
Find and replace text
Check spelling
Use the thesaurus

7. Work with Tables

Insert a table
Add content, rows, and columns
Resize columns
Change table formats
Rearrange rows and columns
Import text into a table
Format table text
Create a custom table format

8. Use Footnotes and Cross-References

Insert cross-references to headings
Cross reference other documents
Insert footnotes
Modify footnote properties

9. Generate Books

Create a book file
Add documents to a book
Create a table of contents
Fix numbering for a table of contents
Format a table of contents

10. Work with Indexes

Mark items to be indexed
Generate and update indexes
Format an index
Insert and edit index entries

11. Use Conditional Text

Create condition tags
Apply condition tags to text
View conditional documents
Save versions of conditional documents

12. Use Hyperlinks and PDF

Add hyperlinks to a TOC and index
Save a book file to PDF
Save a book to multiple formats


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