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Forecasting Using Financial Statements

What you should know
Exercise files

1. Finance Basics
What is finance?
The four different financial statements
The accounting equation
Financial forecasting

2. Simple Financial Forecasting
Naive approach
Simple moving average
Weighted moving average
Seasonal adjusted trend
Simple exponential smoothing

3. Pro Forma Financial Statements
Contextualize the situation
Pro forma and operationalization
Percent of sales forecasting
Property, plant, and equipment
Borrowing and interest expense
Income tax expense
Equity and cash
Make adjustments

4. Projecting Cash Flows
Cash flows vs. pro forma statements
Earnings before interest and taxes
Depreciation and capital expenditures
Net working capital and free cash flow

5. Introduction to Regression Analysis
What is a regression?
Univariate example
Hidden variables
Multivariate example

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